Research Interests and Activities

Mobile Cloud Computing
Data Processing and Learning Technologies
Wireless Technologies and Systems:

Spread Spectrum systems, Multi-carrier systems, Infrastructure-based wireless systems (cellular), Infrastructure-less wireless systems (adhoc), Wireless sensor networks, TDD/FDD-based wireless systems, Satellite communication systems, Femto cell systems, QoE-aware radio systems and technologies.

Emerging Areas:

5G Systems, Energy Harvesting and Green Communication, Machine-to-Machine Communication and Networking, Small Cell Networks.

Radio Resource Management:

Distributed power control, Rate adaptation, Asynchronous scheduling, Interference management, Dynamic channel scheduling, Sub-carrier allocation, Adaptive antenna selection, Wireless quality of service.

  • Cognitive Radios: wideband cooperative spectrum sensing with fused information, game-theoretic approach to spectrum sharing, adaptive and predictive channel access control based on embedded Markov chain for efficient spectrum utilization, developing a channel inference model based on Baysian theory with limited channel knowledge for channel access
  • Green Radios: QoS vs QoE trade-off, network-wide power optimization
  • Femto Cells: traffic off-loading, macro-femto integration, threshold-triggered service provision
Cross-layer Optimization in Wireless Networks:

Light weight WSNs, Physical to Link to Network layer control, Rate adaptation in IP-based wireless networks, Autonomous connection establishment, Integrated queuing, scheduling and routing, Energy-aware algorithms, QoS-aware algorithms.

Cooperative Communication using Relaying:

OFDM and OFCDM, cooperative CSI, AF/DF/EF system, distributed partner selection, clustering of users to reduce complexity, subcarrier, power allocation.

WINCORE Lab in the Ryerson University engages in technology-oriented research from the physical to application layers of wireless communications. Radio Resource Management and Radio Access and Networking (RRM+RAN) Group is one of the research groups. We offer advanced education and training in research and development in the emerging needs of the today’s communications industry. The research group has an alumni strength of more than eighty as of 2015, that includes post doctoral fellows, research associates, doctoral and master’s students, undergraduate research assistants.

Some highly cited contributions are in the areas of: opportunistic and distributed spectrum access, cooperative sensing and sharing, 2D spreading in multicarrier systems, resource allocation in cooperative cognitive networks, multi-objective resource optimization for green communication Cooperative and small cell networking.

We work with industry through consulting, collaboration, and partnership and companies include Telus, Bell Mobility, Applied Location, PESIplex, ANAI Global, PlayLab, Cloud I.T. and SensorSuite. We successfully completed industrial research and development projects using collaborative R&D grants from NSERC NSERC IPM, NSERC ENGAGE, OCE TPS, ConnectCanada, MITACS, AUTO21 and FedDev ARC.